Angel Readings

I realize that part of my purpose is to bring others closer to working with the Angels around them by doing Angel Card Readings. My Angels and the Elders of Light bring me closer to Divine Source energy every day with their guidance and when I listen, my life moves in the beautiful flow of joy, peace and harmony.
Angel Readings are one way to experience your Angel’s guidance.
They bring loving guidance that helps you to make decisions, protect yourself, and help you to shift, change, grow and move easier on your journey. We all have questions at different times in our lives about our careers, love, family, relationships and our purpose in life. Let an Angel Reading help bring you the answers to these questions. The people I have encountered since I have been following my path are such gifts to me – they have truly changed my life. My desire and hope with all of my Angel Readings is to bring loving messages from spirit that can help you to bring forth the inner wisdom to move along your journey, and fill your life with Divine Light and Love. Letting the Angels into your life, to assist you with guidance in your journey is a true miracle that I wish for all to experience. I do hope that our paths cross during this beautiful journey.

What to expect...

During an Angel Reading I use my own divine connections with the Angels and Spirit Guides with whom I work, to bring forth messages channeled to me from your own Angels using angelic oracle cards.

Together I present to you loving messages from your Angels concerning your life path or purpose, career, relationships, and family. Angel Readings can be done in person or remotely by phone or by asking a question on email. When I connect with your energy it does not matter if we are not sitting together; the energy connection is the same! I have been told that my Angels readings are given with love, kindness and compassion and after connecting with my Angels, Spirit Guides and Teachers, the messages that come from this connection sometimes amaze even me. I feel blessed to be working with so much Love. You may book an hour reading, a half hour reading, or an email reading.

Book your reading now!

 1/2 Hour Reading – $75 in person or by phone
1 Hour Reading  $150 in person or by phone
One Question Email Reading – $55 by email
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