Learning from Your Angel Mentors

Ginny Robertson, Founder of the On Purpose Woman Magazine, Founder/Publisher of On Purpose Woman Magazine, and host of the Real Women. Real Purpose. Talk Show. chats with Rev. Mary Perry about how we can “Learn From Our Angel Mentors.”

Angels are there for all of us and can be mentors in our lives. Through developing and honing your senses of hearing, seeing, feeling, and knowing you begin to walk with trust and understand the angel’s messages for you. It is possible to learn what the message is, what it means, and how it may apply to your journey of life.

Meditation: The Art of Listening to Your Sacred Self

Mary sits down with Katheryn Yarborough of The On Purpose Women Global Community’s Real Women. Real Purpose. Talk Show. to talk about how Meditation can be used to connect to your Sacred self.

The Ancestors Within: Discover and Connect with Your Ancient Origins

Mary joins Larry Lambert and Darlene “The Herbmom” de la Plata in discussing connecting with your ancestors as a means to healing yourself and the world.

Laura Di Franco of Brave Healer Productions hosts and moderates this discussion.

Find Your Voice, Save your Life 3: Powerful Healers, Spiritual Stories

Mary Perry, Gina Snowden and Lyndi Picard join Laura Di Franco of Brave Healer Productions to tell their stories of healing & spirituality.

What are the Signs that the Angels are Near?

Mary talks to Katheryn Yarborough of the On Purpose Woman Global Community’s Real Woman. Real Purpose. Talk Show. about her relationship with Angels and how she helps others to connect with them as well.